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Love of the Damned - Old Ale


Our take on an American style Old Ale is loaded with caramel and biscuit like flavors. The addition of Port Must lends a distinct grape notes and a rich wine finish. Alcohol is present, but well balanced

Can there be a greater dilemma? Dare I love that which is condemned to an everlasting inferno? Is my faith in redemption enough to sweeten and soothe? These are the questions you must ask yourself as you take in and savor this Old Ale brewed with Port Grape Must. Deliverance is but a handshake away.


Appearance: Clear amber hue with a thin head.

Smell: Subtle wine notes and maltiness.

Taste: Caramel & biscuit malt flavors meld with a distinct grape notes.

Mouthfeel: Medium body, semi-sweet finish.


Food: Braised Short Rib Saltimbocca with Polenta

Cheese: L'Amuse Brabander Goat Gouda

Cigar: Fratello Boxer Torpedo

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