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Two Headed Calf - Farmhouse Ale

Polycephaly. Mother Nature's wicked sense of humor. Is it a glorious tribute to the resiliency of life, or a cruel punishment of the bizarre? A rarity celebrated by collectors, shared with a select few who appreciate their allure. What better way to display this golden treasure than in our farmhouse ale. With fresh local honey and just a hint of mango, the dry finish of the Two Headed Calf will have you sneaking another peek to satisfy your curiosity. Be forewarned, stare at your own peril.


Appearance: Hazy, golden hue. Light white, fluffy head that settles slowly.

Smell: A little funky, a little fruity.

Taste: Tropical fruit, grassy notes and honey. 

Mouthfeel: Medium body, dry finish.


Food: Unagi Wagyu Carpaccio with Lotus Root

Cheese: Capriole Sofia Goat Cheese

Cigar: Nat Sherman Epoca Perfecto

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