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The Devil Made Me - Smoked Porter with Serrano Peppers


Fire and Brimstone – the fitting destination at the end of a terrible path. The faces: Gacy, Manson, Dahmer… Why do they do it? Where does the evil come from? Are they products of their environment, or is there a darker force at work? Many questions, but few answers. Fill your glass, and brood on the wickedness latent in the human heart. Then raise the glass in a toast to judgment and justice. Just don’t look them in the eyes, for you might see yourself. 

Tasting Notes

Appearance: A moody, deep brown, brooding darkness that some might call black, The Devil Made Me is a difficult shadow to penetrate. Topped by a thick, toffee-colored head, there is no telling what goes on beneath that cloud.

Smell:  A rich, roasty aroma fills the nostrils and rewards the senses, with a smoky note that hints of the heat within.

Taste: A deliciously smooth rush, dryer than you would expect, grabs your attention. Then up wafts the smoky flavor, pervading the experience with a premonition: where there’s smoke, there’s fire! The heat sneaks up on you, growing with each sip, but without overwhelming.

Mouthfeel: A dry wave, a light darkness, this porter is full of contradictions. Each sip has a crisp finish, with a heat that builds the deeper you plunge into the glass.


Food: Stuffed Pasilla Peppers with Red Pepper Mole

Cheese: Fromage a Raclette

Cigar: Perdomo Habano Corojo

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