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White Noise - White IPA

Block out the White Noise of society. The power to rise above the deafening roar is yours to command and control. As much a part of you as your reflection. Hazy and pale with a bright splash of citrus sweet, this White IPA is a reminder that your pulse is the melody that will set you free. Never settle. Live your life.


Appearance: Nearly clear with subtle haze. Golden tones bordering on Amber. Light white, fluffy head that settles slowly.

Smell: Distinct citrus and berry notes with a backdrop of piney resin. Sweet malt aromas.

Taste: Orange rind, Clementine, Lemon with slight herbal spices of clove and coriander. 

Mouthfeel: Light body with a semi-firm hop bitterness that quickly fades to a smooth medium-dry finish.


Food: Thai Coconut Curry Couscous

Cheese: Vella Dry Monterey Jack

Cigar: Montecristo White Belicoso

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